Lonely - In The Dark

by Jemima

Me, myself and I
We sit and stare
At the world in front of us
Displaying different emotions
Emotions we yearn to be part of
That makes us nostalgic
For that happy feeling
The feeling of home
We stretch our arms
But thin air is all we feel
Deep nostalgia pushes us
To act!
Do something!
Just to get a feel of that aura
So we move
An action we will forever regret
'Cause now, they stare hard at us
Mockery and sarcastic laughter in their eyes
Some of them care and are real
But it is not enough
Can never be enough
To ward off the pain we feel
As they stare at us
Daring us to make another moveĀ 
Or let ourselves get fully noticed
Just one more time
But we dare not
We are not strong enough
To bare neither hurt nor the shame
So we retreat to our shadows
And look on from the backstage
It is so dark and cold
Our only companions are ourselves
We try to find solace
But each of us is broken
So that is all we do
Just wait and watch
As they go on with themselves
And we, broken, but
Silly enough to continue our yearning
Wait for time to heal us
Even though we know she, too, has forsaken us