Made a Fool

Made a Fool

I came to the party wearing a long
white dress and a silk top hat.
I brought my tambourine
and my little terrier, but there was no parade.
Just suits holding wine glasses, swapping
business cards their one dull game.
They snickered at me.
Junior high all over again.
The club leader telling me
to get the ID10T form to join.
Will I always be sent away
to hunt snipe and fetch glass hammers?
My feet in the sky
as my head hits the ground?
I crave the company of other fools
who perceive zeros as exclamations of delight:
0, dog!
0, dance!

Earlier version published in Allegro


victoriahunter's picture
Wonderful imagery. I was deep into by the third line of the poem. If I may make a small suggestion. I think the opening line can be revised to be more slant, perhaps as metaphor. The opening line to our work is super important to shock the reader. I also think you could expand some of the lines a little. This is how I compliment great work:0) I hope this is okay:0). I love the slant especially closer to the middle of the poem.

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