Matthew Shepard Of Wyoming

by Regina

Twenty-one years old,
or, I should say young,
with the fair coloring
and grace of a
trumpeting swan,
youth of intellect
and innocent beauty.

He attended a
LGBTQ meeting on
the campus of the
University of Wyoming,
on October 6, 1998,
afterwards he
dropped by the
Fireside Bar
for a drink.

Two malevolent men
lured him from the bar,
they tortured the youth
with the grace of a
trumpeting swan,
they left him to die
on a deer-proofing fence
near a rural roadside,
hours later a
cyclist who at first
thought Matthew was
a scarecrow,
then recognized him,
he, Matthew of an
angelic face,
tear tracks streamed
on his cheeks.

After a 6 day coma
in the hospital,
the youth of
this sad earth
passed away,
candlelight vigils
glowed the
world over,
hate crime
legislation across
the U. S. was born,
Matthew, a citizen
of global humanity,
Matthew's angels
still console the
tearful hearts
of light,
neverending. ~

This poem is written in Loving
memory of our angel,
Matthew Shepard Of Wyoming.


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Hi Regina, Thanks for your generous review of my entry Hopefully you will return to good health as soon as possible The very best of luck to you in turn with this immaculate work M

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My deep thanks, M. The Covid has weakened some. It's day #16 with it. My taste hasn't been affected much from it, my daughter's taste and smell is improving. Ironically, I have to wait until a few more days before getting the, "regular seasonal flu shot." But, we thank the Lord we didn't become seriously ill. I hope you, your family, your friends are all doing fine. Talk to you later, good friend.


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