Missing You, Dad

My dad was a loving, quiet man,
Decent to the bone,
His stories and laughter are mere echoes now,
Sweet memories that I own.
Dad never looked for praise,
And was never a man to boast,
He quietly stood by "his girls,"
The family he loved the most.
Dad taught his daughters to dream and fish,
To face their darkest fears,
Like hero, there he stood,
Bestowing life's lessons through the years.
I can picture you fishing in heaven, dad,
Here on earth your greatest joy,
It makes me happy to think of you,
Doing what you loved so since a boy.
My memories of your life, well lived,
Shall always make me smile,
Come visit me in my dreams, dear dad,
So we can talk if only for a while.
My dad was not a hero to the world,
But he is a hero, nonetheless,
This quiet man his daughters three called "dad,"
We three were truly blessed.

Dedicated to my dad,
Philip H Pittman
August 16, 1932 - July 23, 2018