My World

If a world to fashion was close at hand
Oh smugly before God I will stand
and proclaim that if only for a day
I but get to do His things my way.

I’ll undo all He verily so far has done
and see that love reigns and hate gone,
One world, living as one in harmony
made not of tribes and nations many.

I’ll shrink the enormity of the heavens,
In His name forbid to wield any weapons,
Make the scorching deserts a sanctuary
since wilderness doesn’t seem necessary.

I’ll rewind the time to the days of yore
and reset it to the simpler state as before,
Make man gentler and content to the core
For what I have seen I can now see no more.

I’ll shape the world to an utopian dream
for a day to day use at my wish and whim,
Work out a treaty between God and the Devil
and hope good and evil to each other be civil