The mystery of tomorrow

by Anam

Tomorrow. ....
Something which is not certain,
yet always present in mind.
It is like a black curtain,
between the two fold time.

An escape for today,
is what we say.
For what is not done today or now,
can always be done tomorrow somehow.

It paints a landscape of variety,
in every corner of mind.
Sometimes peace, sometimes party,
are all dreams we see of different kinds.

Never promised, yet pleasant.
Always an inspiration for present.
Its sometimes happines, sometimes sorrow,
is what happens tomorrow.

It can be a warm hello,
or a sad good-bye.
It will only be known,
when the time passes by.

A big millionaire can,
crash down tomorrow.
Or a small penny,
can flush out your sorrow.

Isn't it wonderful to not know,
what awaits behind the curtain?
Present dreams of hopes for tomorrow,
yet it is something which is not certain.