That face, painted by magic on this pond.
The skin so smooth, the hair suffused with light,
the eyes so deep: a beauty far beyond
all other faces. Entranced by delight
I call to him, but he does not reply,
merely repeating my words soundlessly
and yet, I see the longing in his eye;
all that I feel for him, he feels for me.
I’d love to kiss those cheeks, that neck, those ears,
those lips that move but have no power of speech
yet if I try to touch, he disappears –
so close, but somehow always out of reach.
How long have I gazed, rooted to this spot?
I know that I must leave – but I cannot.


Mohamed Sarfan's picture
Dear Poeter, This poem made me love the struggle of the mind. Life is the storage of the heart that seeks memories. As such, we meet countless love characters in life. Write More Congratulations

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