New Born Child

An infant shows the world how things should be.
No loving mother let’s the world corrupt its inner sun or outer glee.
The twinkle in our children’s eyes are signposts, their chuckles of delight a rainbow’s arc, that charm they ooze are solid layered rocks for us to walk on.
Those tots of ours are tots but for awhile.
If only we could let our children be!


victoriahunter's picture
Wonderful use of different literary devices. When we write poetry, we make a certain soup. Sometime a great soup don't need alot of ingredients, the ones in it, blend perfectly together. I say in my writing advice to new writers:0). Your work reminds me a little of Hemingway. I would return to work on the lines breaks in the middle of the poem. You don't want that to hurt your chances, with this great piece of work. I hope I was able to mention the line break suggestion. I apologize if I wasn't.

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