New World, New System

A new world,
A new home for all,
Everyone on equal footing,
Even distribution of resources,
None needs necessities,
I’m not held by the pangs of hunger,
My brother doesn’t dwell in shanties,
The world is not ravaged
by sicknesses and diseases,
Crime and hostility
do not lurk around the corner,
We don’t indulge in recriminations,
No one takes a pound of flesh,
Guns, bombs and missiles
are not wielded by us,
We don’t hurl them at each other,
We raise no walls,
The air is clean and conducive,
Nature is in its pristine state,
Unharmed and not endangered,
I’m not at my brother’s mercy,
I’m not his puppet,
A world for the weak and strong,
A world for the low and mighty,
A world for the gifted and paranormal,
Brotherliness entrenched,
United with one voice.