The Night & Falling

I. The Night

Someone speaking up
We watch the sky
The tilting night
You are looking for the dead body of a dog
Someone is walking away
On that road that he carries under his arm
There is a body with spreadeagled arms
And under the skin something lighter
The edges of the body touching without sticking
We have to make one more step to move forward
On this line so thin and suspended above space
It’s the rope of a scream
With which we could hang ourselves
It is also this end of the horizon
Stitched to the wing of a bird
The night falling down
We raise a corner of silence
And the world starts to move on its fours legs
We are afraid to close our eyes for good
And to never be able after that
To get out of sleep
Someone is crying somewhere
But I do not hear him
To suffer and to leave
The walls of the house are too thin
They no longer protect us from our pain
And something in you has changed
So that I do not recognize you anymore
We go back
On the same trail
We find the path that leads to the hill
And when we walk by an animal killed by hunters
We will have to purposely keep on walking
In order not to see inside its black eyes
All the useless and brutal violence in the world
So specifically human
But already the forest surrounds us with its four walls
We turn into someone else
Without being aware of it
At the bend of a path
I will carry away my memory with me
Like on the very first day
When cast away out of the blue
I saw slowly falling away
For ever
Your gaze and your transparent body
Down a bloody well

II. The Falling

Something is emptier now
As the world is surrounded by the night
There is nothing we can do
There are eager faces hanging over the horizon
To watch you float on the sea
Yet one never knows where one did come from
There is an island drifting not far away
There is the silence slowly coming out of a wreck
As if it were a small paper animal
The hands of men joined
We look at each other sleeping down the sea
Without daring to ever close your eyes altogether
And under the transparent surface
It’s another self that appears
A disarticulated silhouette
A wooden mannequin and a piece of cloth as a head
But the dust covers everything
And we must resume our journey
To this elsewhereness that has disappeared for good
Inside in the belly
There is an egg showing up
And someone gets out of the egg to walk up to you
Dragging along a full horizon
We hardly dare to float on the sea of metal
And these decapitated bodies have become unrecognizable
These cut hands held by dogs in their mouths
Are left in a pile in a corner
The window remained open all that time
And we have watched ourselves sleeping
And the open eyes could see
The night spreading away over the world
Bordering the mountains and the sea together
Like a shroud