No energy

by Leyli

No energy to cry, to breathe, to close my eyes

Shivering soul.

Like a rock with sharp edges

Opening its way up to my throat

Tearing all I have from my soul apart

Inhumane, so inhumane.

I want to leave this place

Flee from the clutches of my pain

Fly far away on the cotton clouds

Not looking back

Not looking forward

But looking high

Up in the sky.

Back gives me shivers

Forward scares me back

I can go only up now

No other side is left

Down- no way!

Even I can’t go there

Down is death!

…or revival

I can’t know. I won’t know.

Don’t suffocate me

Please go. Set me free

I don’t want to feel.

If it is love, I don’t want too bleed

Because it’s nothing but a heart attack

Shortage of breath

State of ever shock

Wanting nothing, wishing nothing

If it is love, no, take it!

I don’t want to die

Die so young and desperate.

Die so hard, with a crashed heart.