The Other Side of Me

There is a second side of me
I would never let you know-
One that is inside of me-
one that will never ever show.
Because it is the side of me
that made the others run,
it’s always been the side of me
that made no room for fun.

There is a second side of me
that often thinks bad things.
Still, this second side of me
gets happy and she sings.
This silly second side of me
likes to keep me up at night.
And when this side of me gets angry,
it’s sure to be a sight.

This side of me throws things at walls,
she yells, and curses too.
Still, this is one side of me
that falls in love with you.
This side of me may seem so bad
but I really have good intentions.
I’m sorry, there is another side of me
that I forgot to mention.

This side of me, the other side,
will cook warm meals and make your bed.
She’ll wash your sheets,
and when you’re stressed,
she’ll even rub your head.
She gives you goodnight kisses,
with lips so soft and kind.
This side of me- she never fails
to bring peace to your mind.

This side of me is so gentle,
and is the best me I can be.
And because of this, she’s the only side
I could ever let you see.
This side full of fake smiles
And crinkles around my eyes
This side of me, she lives and lives
While my other side just cries.

I’d really hope to have you fooled
With my laugh as sweet as honey
This side of me tends to turn
Even the cloudiest of days sunny.
But when you look deep into my eyes
And start to see my soul,
You’ll see the other side of me
And how this takes its toll.

You see, hiding things gets hard sometimes
So whenever I’m alone
I lay and watch my other side
Weep and sulk and moan.
I feel so bad for her some nights
I let her sleep inside my bed
And on these nights, the worst of nights,
To the brim, she fills my head.

The saddest of my thoughts
All come from straight between her lips
This side of me has always made
my mind go on these trips.
So far away and numb I feel
When I allow her to take over
This side of me’s the opposite
Of finding any four-leaf clover.

My good side always brightly shines
Like a giant pot of gold
While my bad side sorrowfully sits
And begins to rot away like mold.
My bad side causes a ruckus,
and she always makes a scene.
She is not the slightest bit lucky,
And honestly, she is quite mean.

She’s caused a lot of problems
And been the reason for some fights
And, believe me, I will never forgive her
for all of these sleepless nights.
But even still, I must love her-
this awful side that I’ve grown,
because I know that deep inside
all she wants is to be known.