You've done it, you've jumped
Are you happier now?
Do your mother's tears make you feel better?
They want you to change but you're never told how
You made sure to add that to your letter

It's over, you've fallen asleep
but the nightmares will not interfere with your peace
The darkness had gotten too deep
And it's not like you're someone that people would miss

They always made sure that you knew you were silent
As if though you weren't aware
You blame it on dad, when you'd speak he'd get violent
You thought it was normal, not fair

Remember that time when he punched the TV?
Or the night he had double hand slapped you?
A ten year old girl, with so much yet to be
He'll always enjoy that he's trapped you

He claims that he loves you, but yells on the phone
And still wonders why you don't call him
Yet other than that in the world you're alone
Your sister was right to avoid him

He cares more about what the people will say
To you it's like that never mattered
The voices that haunted your head fade away
As your last breath is out and you're scattered

And suddenly all of the noise disappears
The girl that you loved didn't notice
Your parents assured that you breathed for some years
But a family is not what a knot is

And now that it's over, your soul's free to leave
They found her above your grave crying
That nobody loved you is hard to believe
She promised she loved you while sighing

You're now trying to climb up from seven feet under
Forever to knock on her door
Right by you she was but your stupid mind shunned her
And now you can't tell her no more

Nobody will care that you start to regret it
Or wish you kept fighting instead
But thank God, He gives you a chance to forget it
For just in this poem you're dead