Praising With The Angels

I know a girl who cannot speak, but she can sing.
She sings songs in late hours of the night only she knows the words to.
She sings incomprehensible melodies,
with beautiful rhythms and a holy hymn.

When the volume and the hustle of everyday life has died down,
her melodies fill the room.
She is performing for the gracious God that gave her life.
She is praising the God who is greater than her pain.

My mother believes that she doesn’t praise alone.
My mother believes that, in the late hours of the night,
she is singing with angels,
she is worshiping with angels,
and she is rejoicing with angels.

In the late horus of the night,
when the volume of life has died down,
Willa Jane is praising with the angels.


Regina's picture
Oh my gosh, me too! I sing to the Lord, and I audibly hear the angels, I have recordings of their voices. Last Christmastime they sang over our house, and some of the neighbors heard them too. Blessings to you and your Mom! I hope you win. ~


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Brother Bilal's picture
I believe too in the angels, it is a significant aspect of the Islamic belief, they occupy the skies in huge numbers. They descend on the circles of Islamic knowledge where people learn about Allah and his Prophets , peace be upon them all. They descend in the last third of the night and witness the supplications of the sincere believers. The devils is not a "fallen angel" every angel ever created is a created for worship and never disobeys Allah. The devil rather , according to the Qur'an, is made of a type of fire, a jinn who out of pride objected to God's decree. Sorry if this is a long comment, there is so much to say about angels and it would require volumes to do it justice. Thanks for your beautiful poem.

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