The Ravishing Road

A wayward wayfarer
sits by the wayside
looking pensively at the road;

Like a femme fatale
She lies there wantonly
sprawling languorously
from here to nowhere –
Black, beautiful, lithe,
Like a sensuous siren
she has all the right moves
all the right curves
to tease and ensnare
an unsuspecting traveler.

Reticent and awkwardly wary,
He gets up and gingerly
sets a foot on her
And the very instant
a titillating surge
sweeps through him
and he’s overwhelmed
by an unrelenting pull.

With a giggle she draws him
into her arms and takes him
on a jaunt of a lifetime.

Soon they are together
covering great distances,
reaching milestones
closing in on far destinations
visiting exciting places
meeting interesting people...

But I say, keep a tight rein on her,
She is a sweetheart
but also a formidable foe,
She brings joy, but also woe;
As a friend
she will show you the way,
As a foe
she will lead you astray!