My eyes are loaded cannons set afar
I dare not yet release, their weapons are
The tears that blur my eyesight, yet expose
The weakness of myself I tried to lose

And though my sins are heavy trundling large     
The burning water flows into a charge
I ask for my forgiveness as they rush
Into my eyes a warm relieving flush

Panicking unable to aim the load
Upon the sin my memories just showed
To stop it now requires words that can  spear
The shame that my proud face refused to hear

Ignominy that my ears would silence
And every letter on my reluctant lips
Jumps ahead, stumbles out of cadence
The sun across the sky by moments trips

This war is fought not once but day by day
Yet signaling a pause for me to go
The sun entered the place for me to pray
Its time to wash your face, says it shadow

And every letter of Qur’an I read
Conveys the mercy that my poor soul needs


Brother Bilal's picture
Thank you Netwit I appreciate your comment, particularly for this poem which brought me down to earth a lot during writing, its nice to know that others can identify with personal issues like these and I'm grateful for your support. Thanks

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