Requiem For The Fishermen

by Regina

Requiem for the fishermen,
who lay at rest in the depths,
once, the sea's foamy spray
flecked their weatherworn faces,
maritime spirits,
still breathing in their children's dreams,
chapped, ruddy hands
once embraced their loyal wives,
the legend of their lives-
is spoken in the frigid winter waves.

In funereal respect,
come to the sailors' cathedral,
sing a hymn of the sea,
their families' grief will reflect
beyond their own years-
within the tides is their briny tears.

This poem is in the Fall/Winter Highland Park Poetry, "The Muses' Gallery".


Miles T. Ranter's picture
Hi Regina. I enjoyed reading this poem and could see that sunken vessel resting in the depths, feel and taste the foamy spray, and the iciness of the waves. I also like the mix of slant and perfect rhymes. "Wives/lives/waves" is inspired. Best of luck in this week’s contest! Miles.

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Angela Yuriko Smith's picture
I always admire your work when I read it. I often forget to comment (too many things going on in not enough time) but you have a wonderful command of language that conveys your messages well. Nicely done!

Angela Yuriko Smith

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