Searching for the lost side

by Mangal

Looking at the night sky,
I am reminiscing my past before my eyes.
I tried to find that innocent child
Who used to believe on story of fairies and snow white,
I found inside something wild.
When did I lost my innocence,
Was it the day I ignored its presence.

Now the stars are twinkling bright,
Trying to defeat the darkness with all its might.
I tried to find that caring part
Which made me feel the pain of cries,
I found only betrayals inside.
When did I lost that sensitive heart,
Was it the day I broke promises for the fist time.

Celestial moon is heading towards the heaven ,
Reminding the end of this dark and cold night.
I tried to find that courage inside
Which made me stand for every right,
I found only remains of scaring sights.
When did I lost my courageous side,
Was it the day I stopped fighting difficulties in life.

New day is shinning with the awakening sun,
Spreading its ray of hope to everyone.
I understood that it's the time for a new start,
And I have faith in me that I will find all my lost sides,
If I keep on looking for my real soul inside.