She's God's Own

by Regina

On a sweltering humid July day,
she was escorted by her best friend,
they walked through whispered prayers
into a beige brick one story building,
then laid on a padded table in a
cool gray room,
her goosebumps rose as she
waited in a mint-green cotton gown,
her shallow breath in and out,
her mouth and throat dry,
she looked up at overhead
glaring lights,
she's God's own,
she felt she couldn't tell her Mom,
a searing secret bitter on her tongue,
fragments of jagged thoughts cutting,
her psyche sweating cold through
her forehead.

Flashes of kindergarten in her
eighteen year old mind,
then, waves of utter pain,
her heart pounding,
a sudden stillness,
an emptiness,
God's own ~
another of God's own.


MyNAh_27's picture
Regina, You deserve the best that life and literature have to offer because you are the very best. Your cutting edge creations have no equal M

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