Sinister Storm

by luvluv

So quietly it entered.
Along with the wind it blew.
Covid incessantly rages, 
On the world we once knew.

The pandemic shut down
The shops and the shows.
Made us wear masks
Over mouth and on nose.

From country to country,
From city to town,
Invading bodies,
And putting them down.

Like weather in winter,
It’s cold and it’s dreary.
A storm filled with power,
Making us weary.

The storm has not passed,
But it’s slowly starting to crumble.
This hideous disease,
Has made mankind more humble.

Vaccines have been sprouted.
Their output is slow.
Eventually we’ll beat this,
And go on with the show.

New strains are now coming.
No one knows what they’ll bring.
One day we’ll surely push through this,
Like rose buds in spring.

Until then, be grateful.
For life is a gift.
Change is inevitable.
The darkness will lift.