Sisters of no mercy.

by fatkaps

I am a friend, I was never a foe.
Far as you want from me, you may go.
Our memories devoured by the hatred you behold.
Think if you may, I have a heart icy cold.

I wish you every smile you deserve.
I hope the innocence in your eye, you preserve.
May you walk under the shade of rainbows,
And may sunset find you in arms of romance you deserted me for.

But now that you are out in the world.
They will rip apart your soul, till heaven loses its hold.
And I will be waiting at the gates of remorse,
When I find you, I’ll drag you back into the light of hope.

I will replenish the void with my affection,
and bring back your cheeks’ blush to perfection,
You will learn how to fight deceit,
until you don’t trust even if they beseech.

I will heal your wounds with my tears,
that will seep into your core and get rid of all fears,
Don’t worry I have enough will to save both of us sister,
From the myths of charming princes and right misters.

Sailing confidently upon the sea of trust in a ship of honor,
when we find another rogue,
With the sword of poisonous truth,
We will callously slit his throat.