the skinny

because you’re hot
because you only like luscious bods
i stayed skinny for you.
i prized the heat of your smile
that pledged sexual delight.
got off on getting it on with a trophy!
i ignored my base foodie wants to be
what you wanted a lover to be.
it mattered not that the gym fatigued;
that my fear of being alone grew enormous
along with my hunger for carbs!
i was addicted to the boldness of your skin,
rocked new bliss under your rhythmic hips!
i bragged that intoxicating trysts were worth
the stress of giving up wings!
that no sudden impulse could
ever drive a divide but they did!
so i ordered a pizza, ate the whole pie,
gulped down a fifth of Jose Cuervo!
told you so, said a friend.
staying skinny for a woman is BS!