Spotted from Space

Thousands of walruses (called “haulouts”) gather
along Alaskan shores, spotted from space.
They’re resting ample bodies, but they’d rather
veg out on sea ice. Yet there’s not a trace
of frozen H2O. A satellite
has taken photographs. How can they eat
or sleep now? Humans may create a fright.
Many will perish in their mad retreat,
tumbling en mass to the safety of the ocean.
Monitoring their populations might
show how, through climate change, they may persist.
Yet when at last they’re gone, will they be missed?
These mammals know this world is not all right.
These mammals know there is no magic potion.

(Appeared in The New Verse News.)


Mohamed Sarfan's picture
Dear Poeter, The amount of wonders destroyed millions of years ago is far greater than the amount of innovation created here. Many of the things we look at today as past histories of archeology are truly astonishing. This cosmic life makes me think at one point as today’s quests of yesterday’s destruction. Not only mammals, but billions of innovations and amazing changes lie dormant in these dark pits undiscovered to this day. The thoughts and ideas planted within this poem are the realities of this world. This poem really impressed me. All The Best My Dear Friend; Write More Congratulations

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