by ea

slick bodies
bloom under the sun,
unfurling water flirting
with coquettish fingers
smoothing over
pools of flesh,
controlled duress—
that spark
contained within
a sudden gasp
for breath.

covens of skin
caressing droplets
gleam in light,
as clear cavorting waters
conjure up your body
to the raucous
beachy air of mid-july—
you look alive.
i watch your body glide;
it moves in close
to mine.

i lay reclined;
you pull me up,
despite my efforts,
with your effervescent
smile, our intertwined
appendages removed
from time—
you draw me closer
to the water. lure me
under, sacred steps,
one at a time.

it licks my calves,
and then my chest...
so, this is baptism...
this is everything...
this is summer.