Summer Bride

by Regina

Wisteria-scented gloaming
in the garden of
an August moonrise,
a lone whippoorwill heralds
the bridal union,
as the shy bride
pauses beneath
the wooden lattice arch
covered in glowing snowy-white roses.

She, so adorned in creamy lace,
takes her groom by the hand,
'neath the stars,
the innumerable stars,
they kiss, in the sealing
of promises,
in gaiety she twirls,
weeping in blessedness,
as the wedding guests
in the cool night exultation,
raise their clinking
glasses of champagne.


MyNAh_27's picture
Dear Regina, Sorry I’m late in reviewing this majestic poem. A romantic work of depth and quality with impressive images as per usual. Every line is a classic. Heartfelt congratulations on your continuing Board Member selections. I wish to thank you for your words of encouragement which have sustained me. Kind Regards, MyNAh_27

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Regina's picture
Thank you MyNAh, for your very gracious and positive comments. It means so much to me to have friendships with such talented poets as yourself. You and MaryPP are so kind and thoughtful. ☆☆☆☆☆


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MaryPP's picture
What a beautiful wedding you describe here Regina! I loved "Wisteria-scented gloaming" "so adorned in creamy lace" and "weeping in blessedness" but the whole poem reads very well - I loved it! Well done and best of luck Mary PP

Mary PP

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