Survival of the Determined

Letting go seems easy
Amidst mounting deaths and gloom
People in home going crazy
Pandemic locked them in doom.

Angels in white coats
A beacon of hope
For those quarantined,
find it hard to cope.

Economies still reeling
Migrants return grieving
Expats await their turn,
Priority lists never-ending.

Purchases and feasting
dwindled to a trickle,
Ration shop emerges saviour
Serving the essentials .

A notorious villain as it maybe,
Earned the wrath of every soul
No difference whether they be
Rich, poor, young or old!

Venturing out from abode
A strict no-no!
Rather gab with my tribe,
Zooming from my room.

Hunting shows to binge-watch,
Tempting recipes to try out,
Videos to react and roast,
are entertainment to stay put.

Forwards flooding WhatsApp
Digital detox nearly impossible
Stay alert of fake news trap,
Spreading panic, spells trouble.

The onus is on us
Let's break the chain
Do not stockpile excess
Lockdown still remains.

Lost count of days and weeks
My sleep has gone for a toss
Failure settled into bleak thoughts
I pray the Way of the Cross.

When survival is at stake,
Endure the dark with faith
Rebounce from the brink,
Let resilience guide today.

Anticipate challenges,
Step up to confront,
Reinvent to thrive,
Survive determined .