Tell me why (Silence can never be loud)

by jlet
Tell me why the silence is so loud,
My darling you're not listening
Tell me why the lonilesness is so strong,
My dear you're not seeing
Tell me why you're just saying all these things but I can't actually see anything happening,
My love you don't trust me enough

Well tell me how to trust you more than I already have,
Tell me why I should even do that,
Will you listen?
I've been here
And after that will you see
If you let me

The stars only align perfectly when the time is right,
And in that moment and after the beauty and joy is tear striking
I only want you to have that, the best that is the abundant life of happiness
And that's all I'll ever let you have because you have asked
No quick fix
And never shall I forget
But in those moments where we wait for the stars to aliign
There is an imperfect beauty, beautiful still
It's also called love
And with it your cup can fill
To the atmost top, beyond all the hills
So my love you need to trust me enough, I'll never ever let you fall
My dear you need to see without your eyes, there's beauty of inner sight
My darling you need to listen to the whispers not physically heard, silence can never be loud