I breathe hardly and spectates lively, as actors
And surgeons operates both sides of life
'The theatre of man, a narrator grinned and said, lies in
Surgery and staged drama. Only the modus operandi
Differs, when audience as each is a patient
Susceptible to treatments of embellished actions and
Illusive laceration’... Light and lucent dialogue of one,
Heavy drugs and dim pills, the other
'The world, he continued, is the theatre with cast out nines, offering
One as aesthetics of life and the other opaque view to life
Actors and Surgeon appears how? A spectator inquired,
'This is rhetoric, which the aftermath could solve',
The narrator foresees, and voiced. 'From the former,
I espy furtherance of life's story line and the
Latter, a possible abrupt halt to man's breath;
This is a sequel of life's theatre...
As dilemma obstructs, fear sets up the lights, and death
Darkens the stages of the theatres,
Yet audience as each is a patient, prone to
Hard breath and lively spectation,
‘Once the operation is done, survival's unknown
And a call for flashback from the proem through
The scenes of the surgery acts and dramatic arts of our theatre...
Certainly, man's life is caught in-between’, he encapsulates his thesis.