10000x 10000 eternities within a single grain of sand
as ocean waves undulate and displace
never returning the seed to the same silt
we are those mystical molecules
we fail to understand our traveling
we mark the journey on the pathetic linear
a calendar of sun and moon
minutes, months, millennia
time is an illusion swept away on tides of arrogance
a deception we attempt to rein and control
we endeavor to exert power and order
to a chaos that refuses to be bound
we choose to constrain ourselves rather than live in our infinity
to flow freely in the immeasurable sea of our expanse
we take pleasure in limiting our perceptions to futility and fate
we have defined life as our physical existence
confining ourselves to the finite corporeal
damning ourselves to termination
for weak minds this is the most tolerable scenario
we have created gods of circumscription
and we worship fanatically
if only we would understand
the possibility of deracination