Twitter Limbo

Twitter is like listening to souls in Limbo. In the ether. Or wherever
It is hard to know the cartography of the place, but
if you lean into the music the music will kiss you
on the cheek. Souls, who still feel like their hearts
are running with scissors say, "Yes I dream, I dream
like a motherfucker- just dump my body in a ray
of sunlight." Because it is taking forever to die
And it takes such strength to not be that broke you.

They are exhausted, overwhelmed and underfucked.
Always having to ask the hard questions like-
"Are you a girl or a sword."

If we could we would reach through the veil
and kiss them on the forehead
We would untangle their strings
if they were dangling like marionettes
In the dark woods

Found Poem with some lines [email protected]