The Uncooperative Calendar

the uncooperative calendar
quickly swallowing days
I’m hungry
I want to eat
but I can only eat slowly
each day a menu beyond my capacity
but the calendar
so quick to clean the table
rudely, doesn't even ask
"are you finished with that?"
doesn't care just flips the page
a new buffet
and I try to eat more quickly
but haste makes waste
everything force fed
leaves me feeling sick
stuffed to the gills
bloated and guilty
I really didn't even taste
the sweetness of the day
the delicacy of the night
maybe I should try to fast
let a day or two go past
but I can never get back
what's to be served
and I don't want to miss a bite
do you see my plight?
the uncooperative calendar
stealing the joy of my consumption
I’m overfed but still hungry
I’m fed but nothing tastes quite as it should
here it comes again
taking from me before I’m done
clearing the table
the uncooperative calendar
how I hate the sound of turning pages