The Unlocked Lock

'Why did you let me feel the pain?
Why do you leave me all alone?
Why did you not ever protect me?
Why do you just listen to my groan?

You make me cry because you cannot
You do the mistakes, and I have to bear
Why don't you just thrust a knife in me?
My blood oozes since you don't drop a tear

In spite of telling you a thousand times
You still carry that smile on the face
Why don't you ever understand my pain?
By doing all this, what do you gain?

Yeah, you gain the title of being 'STRONG'
Just because no one sees me weep
You gain the title of being so good
Just because no one looks into the deep

Wake up now, will you?
You stubborn rock
Yes I am talking to you
Let me fly, just open the lock

Locked inside you, I just keep on crying
Keep on pounding and keep you alive
But in return, I just get the blows
Still I beat and make you survive

How can you be so wicked?
Yes you. I am talking to you, you stupid
You, whom the world calls 'HUMAN BODY'
You into which, I have been hid

Now I realize, you are deaf
Better I talk to the god instead
I have wasted time in making you understand
You don't see the blood oozing red

Hello God
Hello God. This is a human heart speaking.
Can you see the blows on me?
Can you see the blood that is leaking?

This body is really a dumb idiot
It knows no feelings .It follows the brain.
And the brain ha. It's a bigger idiot
It neither has emotions, nor can it feel the pain

I request you to release me.
Release me from this dead jail
Release me from this undesired place
Release me and let me sail

Nobody out there to listen to me
You idiot.. you ...
Ohh,, There comes she

Yes! She is the one.
Go and talk you stupid idiot
Wake up else I will stop beating
Wake up else, I wont stop weeping

You cannot see her inner heart you blind
I can see it distinct and clear
She is definitely my perfect match
She is my other half. She is my dear'

Oooh Aah Aah
Whats happening out there?
Oh, I was lost in history
This jogging idiot's gasping for air
Oh, For a moment I went into a flasback !
Now back to present gear

Hoof, yeah
Yeah, I still remember that day
The day when I was so much depressed
The day when my dear love came my way

Thank god, The idiot listened to me
For now I always have her in need
Though we are locked into these different stupids
Since that day
We feel we are one, we feel we have been freed!