Upliftment of man

Said man;

Oh lamb ! Oh my father in heaven,
Plough my mind that’s barren.
Then with affinity and grace,
Make my soul your residing place.

All vices and flaws of my humane spirit,
Left me with complacent of my material digit.
When monks and priests called for divinity,
I choose pleasure over your integrity.

Shallow soul and vagrant mind and sombre attitude,
Left me with forlorn spiritual destitute.
Far from fathoming your existence,
I stayed enervate due to my despotic intelligence.

My hands always went for the asp,
Never seeing the garland you held, for me, perhaps?
Wounds on heart and dust in eyes,
I understand that’s the ultimate price.

The stars in darkness of night are but transient and dim,
The sphere of east that glows with might;
I know it propagates your catechising scheme.

I now remember all the fouls I played,
You tried to turn me from the hell’s road I tread.
You placed your hand between thorns and my feet,
Now remove from inside me, remaining strands of greed.

Take me as I am,
No glorifying pain.
Tell the angels,
To take me in restrains.
Then I shall reach that place,
Where you shine;
Granting me long lasting serene solace.

Answered Lord;

Why you fret ? Oh dear child,
Never did I left anyone in exile.
You are dearer and beloved,
Do not extend your sin,
Do not be afraid.

Why you seek pain and longing ?
Rest assured: you are my belonging.
Heavens and stars shine upon you,
My will shall make your trembling soul anew.
However far a fearing foetus may hide,
One shall never suffer; if seek my side.

Hitherto all sins you did,
I promise, you will be freed.
Follow thither,
Where no pain, no suffering.
And let convulsions of darkness,
Be reduced from your rearing.