Viola Viscera


We set foot on dry grass at the cockcrow
of a nascent union.
Cheek to cheek as Cupid towers over,
shooting arrows at a dyad draped in fire,
gliding through the tundras of charred weeds,
as fin-like petals quake beneath our feet.
The sun unloads its savage heat in torrents,
thermal downpours drench the wedded seam,
blisters left on Sinai soul mate psyches,
rain shadow or bajada by the bye!
Aphrodite’s children from the pampas,
teether on phlogiston’s manic figment, cauterized, rock-ribbed, raw emotion rivulets ablaze.
Firebrands of first flush in all but name.
Plumes of tropic passion wrap us madagascan parrots,
trill and troll sidekicks one and all,
showing off our feathers
high above the arid air.
Sweat soaked garments
reek of clammy cuddles,
shredded, torn,
strung loosely round the limbs of new born flames.
Cindered patch exposed on lover’s skein without a balm.
Soaptree yucas proudly fence the rapids giddy gurgle.
Frothy sidemen serenade the cherry blossom sweethearts,
lilting love notes found in every strain.
Knotted woodlands understory,
nuptial suite propped up by swollen nodes.
Palms of eternity outstretched,
love puppets on a compass point astride the  boundless needle.
Viola viscera, songbird incarnate, bow to my enchanted fiddle.
Together forever, alone at last.

Prose poem explained.
This is a love poem.
Viola Viscera is an entirely fictional name thought of by myself.
Viola is both a plant and a musical instrument.
Viscera related to visceral as in deep inner feelings.
In my view Viola and Viscera go well together, very lyrical.
It would also be a suitable love name.
Dyad is a couple.
Sinai, Sinai desert is used as adjective to maintain desert atmosphere.
Rain shadow is a relatively dry area on high ground.
Bajada a broad slope.
Phlogiston is a hypothetical or supposed substance in combustible bodies.
Tropic is not an error.
Another term for tropical used as adjective.
Madagascan parrots are from Africa and are known for their affectionate behavior.
Trill and troll is another term conceived by me.
Trill as in quavering sound, troll as in happy and carefree singing.
Cindered from cinder.
Soaptree yucas are desert plants.