"Use your words," they say, but this advice is non-specific.

For mostly every term has got a brother more terrific.
English has so many words, so many ways to go. 
A hundred eighty thousand options, if you want to know!
An itty bitty bit of something is a modicum;
If gains and losses even out, the game is zero-sum.
If you're bored and restless, you might suffer from ennui;
If you've climbed the mountain-top, you're at the apogee.
A scathing, bitter turn of phrase or chemical is caustic;
A distinctive characteristic can be called a diagnostic.
When two things merge together they have gone through coalescence;
The best example of a thing is oft called its quintessence.
A brave and fearless trailblazer is known as an intrepid.
An audience's feedback if they're not impressed is tepid.
If you're eager in a cheerful way, that's your alacrity.
Exaggerate to make a point, you've used hyperbole.
A rebel off the beaten path is called a maverick,
And if he goes a few steps more, might be a lunatic.
If you're secretive and don't say much, you're known as taciturn.
Put off, postpone, or stop for now, if you want to adjourn.
A private talk for two is also called a tête-à-tête,
In which you might describe somebody with an epithet.
If a thing is lovely, you should call it pulchritudinous;
Such as the nighttime stars, which by their trade are altitudinous.
A one-shot fix for every problem is a panacea.
BOOP, SPLASH, BLEEP, OINK, POW, and CRASH are onomatopoeia.
So use your words and choose your words and do not hesitate
To sound as if you know your stuff when you communicate.