With ashen bald heads, vultures hover over us all,
They skip from branch to branch waiting for teary eyes
That point them in the direction of their next meal,
They possess no innate abilities to hunt,
They wait for you and I to become helpless or die,
Dead men do no harm,
Food for vultures.
With elastic throats, these voracious vultures mix with us in the society
Taking up jobs in banking halls and in businesses,
Pretending to be caring government aspirants in a dead democracy,
Who later manifest fully as ravenous wolves,
They search out the most vulnerable in the society, then
Take up defensive positions over them only to suck all benefits that accrue to them,
Men, standing as middlemen between the helpless and international agencies.
These vultures ensure that their hands are constantly touching legal tender,
They have developed affinity for positions of channeling cash to projects,
They bide their time, waiting for any and every opportunity
To suck life out of destitute citizens,
Deprive the needy of their meagre income,
To thwart norm and law for shameless extra coins
Filling pockets with ill-gotten cash,
The life blood of the weak and weary,
Snatching at opportunities birthed by weakness to milk cash from the least in society.
Oh! How the vultures swoop in to pick flesh clean off the bodies of dead men,
When policy makers tilt economic activities to favor a select minority,
When even the meagre cash that the poor have, they must buy from bankers
They must buy from banking agents,
Money owners are short-changed at an alarming rate.
Oh! My beautiful country! Skillful at creating untold misery for your citizenry!
Where has it ever been heard that citizens of a country are reduced to buyers
Buying their own money from authorized keepers?
Yet, when keepers have no integrity to sanitize cash halls,
To keep the entire system running with a high level of reliability?
When men take on the nature and personality of vultures,
And selfishness creates the “my turn has come,” slogan,
What is to be expected, if not deprivation of basic rights from the citizenry.
Yet one thing is sure!
When a man plants yam, he is sure to reap it,
A farmer cannot plan corn and harvest mangoes!
Seeds of selfishness, greed and accumulation of wealth to others’ hurt,
Maliciously creating and hatching devious plans to scatter a whole nation’s economy
To reduce the poor to less than a piece of bread,
To bring confusion in every home and government parastatal
With one aim in mind, to reduce the great populace to penury, beggarliness and aggression,
To crush and control the masses
So the vultures can enjoy limitless power and feasting
And enlarge already gluttonous throats
Vultures in high places!