I sit here alone, gazing into the distance forlorn.
And my heart beats faintly: it is battered, bruised, foreworn

Tenderly, I close my eyes and think of you: the subject of my dreams.
And as I do, I feel the ripples as my heart begins to tear at the seams.

So I close my eyes harder, to see the form of your spellbinding smile.
But as the wind rustles through the leaves it takes my mind off you for a while.
However, as always, my heart begins to yearn for you my dear: I wish that I could to hold on to your fair hand.
But my mind is quick to remind me that I did get to hold you, yet things didn't work out as I had planned.

At this point, my mind is now clouded with thoughts of only you.
I look up to the sky and perhaps there is hope for us, it is so impossibly blue!
But in a sudden twist of fate, the orange and yellow embers start streaming through, a touch of sunset on a distant hill
And here I Ied myself to believe that the gravity of my emotions could quite possibly make time itself stand still...


I loved it all my dear: the wishing, the longing, the yearning and the wait