Wave Goodbye

I sat quietly on the beach- a beautiful site, watching the waves gleam under the sun
As I felt the gritty and rough sand scrape gently against my bare legs, as it got hotter.
It was oddly calming to see the slight, yet frequent movement of the ocean.
I felt at peace, as the sun glared at the moist sand and reflected off of the water.

I stood up and started walking towards the ocean as if it were calling to me.
I was hit with a startling amount of coldness, as the waves crashed against my feet.
I stood there, getting used to the waves, swaying in action, and the temperature of the sea.
As I progressed into the vast emptiness, the coldness slowly transitioned into warmth and heat.

The way the waves crashed into me with care somehow relieved my stress.
I ran my hands through the water, feeling it surround my fingers roughly.
The glowing sun hit the water and my hair and left a shining presence in the process.
With the shimmering water and the sun getting brighter, I felt happier and free.

I was blinded with the experience of being one with the ocean,
That I was unable to recognize the darkness growing over me.
I noticed the sudden drop in temperature and radiance, which caught my attention.
I slowly turned my head around from the blue skies to see a giant wave continuously growing intensely.

Without thinking, I quickly began to run towards the empty shore,
Even though I knew there was no way I could make it to a safe distance.
I got one glimpse of the giant wave spring towards me before it consumed me, with a roar.
My last thought was the view of the beautiful beach and water. After that, darkness.