The Waves

The rhythmic sound
of the gentle waves fills the air,
each wave crashing upon its kin
with a gentle splash,
sending droplets of water
dancing towards the sky.
The blue waves hug themselves,
embracing the saltiness of the sea
with each warm touch.

The sea spreads its love through the air,
spreading its graceful moisture
to all things near.
The air surrounds the sea
with its clear weariness,
as if it knows the events to come
with each second that ticks by.

The blue sky clouds into grey.
Rain pounds on the ever so gentle sea,
making the blue waters fade to black.
Lightning streaks across the sky, only making
the peaceful waves darken and quicken.

The waves lose their rhythm
as they violently crash against their kin.
They only crash and crash,
sending drops of water fleeing
through the air to find safety.
The blackened water fights itself,
rejecting the saltiness of the sea
that it had once embraced.