We Wail For The Oats

by Ifeolu

Male Bravado to mate with the belated lava dose
Male-Bravo doe to relate with the ignited gravatars
Men are men again
Women are here again

Consent has sent male incentives
To spend cents on contraceptives
Cents stole male cisterns
To silence the sisters of the male system

Men are men again
Women are here again
Men are brave to earn mentors
Women are naïve to end vendors

Why rape women when you have sisters to mend?
I saw a crying woman; first ideas matter more
She could have gotten raped; who knows?
She could get raped after crying if she wasn’t raped before crying and if rape didn’t send her crying

Would she ever be able to marry again? Find love again? Build a home again?
Baby girl! Come with me! Candies all over the house; sperm cells all over the laps
Has she divorced her oppressor or married her victim?
Devastated she sits, waiting for me to find her soaked in blood

When would the vice of rape come to an end during this end time?
Is rape a vice or a device of this end time? Does rape matter as much as the inability to give consent?
Why women of all species? Why women? Why should women bear the cross already born by Jesus?
Why the hymen? Oats taste better than even the hymen; so why the hymen?

Women: why us? Men: why them? Them: why women? Women: why us?
We bear the labor curse; why the rape curse to top it up?
We bear the menstrual curse; why the forced course to heat it up?
Strong enough to give birth, but strong enough to endure rape as well?

Women cry for an hour
Good men yawn in solidarity with daringness,
Many kneeling men earning many lean women
Sorry woman, sorry. Sorry woman, sorry

Men, bear with us; bare beauty speaks for us
Men, we need you to look away when you must; you shouldn’t always dilate your naked-seeking eyes
For weekend-seeing heels; you can’t always have her hips
Women take heart, we stand together to shove this burden off our shoulders
To fight off this challenge against our shovels

Men are heavy on gain
Women wail like whales whipping out railways
Women are women again