For Whatever Reason

Was it in the fragrance of the scented mint that brushed against my cheeks, or those lilac petal chains on
moss-strewn pathways,
was it in those rays that danced sequentially across the green flaked Grecian urn, or the tearful noonday noodle from a seagull’s stricken cry, or that  scarlet robin roosting  on  a  grey grained granite wall?
For whatever reason all these thoughts appeared as  locust swarms, sending aural stimuli to whet a dormant vision.
Suddenly the stream before my eyes unveiled its   fountain,
the moonstone mountain peak its beacon light,
each sprouting plant became an earthly chalice  rooted in its own lifeline juices.
The twig on every tree transformed itself into an olive branch that oozed a verdant human kindness.
For the first time spring tide feelings pulsed my every inner being,
with those dizzy revelations
that normally evade our daily rush.