The Whippoorwill

That cottonwood
Dry mouth fatigue

Cold wind busting
Through your jacket
Button down
Bunched up
Along your spine

People staying home
And worshiping,
Making up scripture
To fit their needs

Running and running
Mostly out of time;
We all want the same
That feeling
Every now and then
That crosses your mind

That hunger
That sound
That resonates
In your head

Or is it the heart?
That hears so clearly
Muffled by the railroad
Of thoughts
That haunt our souls

Gnawing stomach pain
Swollen ankles
Britches too big
Hot sun blinding your way,
Bound up for the sake
Of someone else's eyes

Step outside and smell the raw earth
An ancient reminder of life and death
Sugar coating our homes and bodies
With candles and soap

What would we smell like
If we had no disguise?
If you had to strip down to that
Bunched up button down?
That yesterday lie?

If you had to drink from your neighbors cup,
Would your mouth be quite as dry?

If you had to stoke the fire
To keep everyone warm
Or if you had to feed
Everyone else instead of your own

Could you see?
With the sun in your eyes
Could you feel the way?
Without slim ankles
Could you walk
With the pain?

The crippling soul
Is much worse than
The failing body,
Why can't we grasp
Each flitter of happiness?
Each true smile
That understanding when
You meet someone's eye
That moment of laughter

Those deep belly giggles
Full of wine
Could it be alright, to have a good time?

Can you hear the whippoorwill?
Listen, listen...
You may hear it
Look, look...
Be watching.
They hide among the earth

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