Winding Down

Imagine if the universe were closed;
what rules of time and space would be imposed?
The cosmic clock, stretched taut, begins to stop
and entropy gets shifted to reverse,
while Death despairs to lose a ripened crop
as corpses move from festering grave to hearse.
Red giants, plump as cherubs’ cheeks, slim down;
their iron hearts grown light, while on our Earth
the city is demoted to a town,
till villages and hamlets dot its girth.
The universe contracts some more and we
no longer de-gestate inside of wombs;
the basest life forms re-infest the sea
and then, perhaps, another Big Bang looms.


Brother Bilal's picture
HI Paul, this idea of a "big crunch" - where time goes in reverse was put forward by Steven Hawking, but he was refuted mathematically by his own student Raymond La Flamme on this point, whereupon he accepted he had got it wrong. See Brief History of Time p167.

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