Word Salads


We eat word salad—
force-fed false facts, statistics
alternative truth.

The Man keeps us down—
slaves to appearance, to greed
‘til debt do us part.

Ignorance and lies—
they whisper and we spread them...
good little Sheeple.

Pay no attention
to the man on puppet strings.
He is the jester

shiny ring of keys
meant to dazzle our senses
and keep us cooing

babes behind crib bars
fed pablum and pestilence
pacified, content

if we say the things
and jump through the iron rings...
...or so they tell us.

But you feel it too—
the restless something-is-wrong
out beyond the meme.

Know this: the bonds break
when we refuse to accept
blindly, without thought.

Distractions aside!
Fling them to the ground—grind them!
Find the grain of truth

hidden in the shards
of the shattered illusions.
It grows in your heart—

a seed of stardust.
The only chains that bind us—
our own DNA.