Can a war be embarked upon by just one person?
Can it be sparked by a single word?
In our day of age we allow this to happen.
Do we mean it?
Most would say no.
But I beg to differ,
as our hurtful words still seem to grow off our evil tongues.
Perhaps just one person can't begin a war.
And certainly a single word would never stand a chance
on a battlefield full of sentences.
However, if that single person takes that single word
and forms a negative sentence with it . . . .
Posts it on social media for the world to devour,
feasting upon gossip . . . .
Then a war of hate, crime, sin, and killings
would form within seconds.
Not even a delete button could erase the hurt one has impacted
on God's creation.
A child - your child.
A family - your family.
The pizza delivery guy.
The mailman.
An innocent Christian minding his/her business.
Or a movie theater full of military heroes.
Kick hate in the butt
and make the most of your next post.