Wreath Of Spikes


Wedding dress, wreath of spikes
Blooming in saturated white
Touching his hand but it's so prickly
Drinking poison that tastes sweetly
But I know it ties me down
And I know my fate is bound
If our souls became connected
Why am I not feeling any better?

Wedding dress, wreath of spikes
This is not a holy night
Touching his skin but it feels sickly
And I let my shame defeat me
This is no wedding gown
Its weight a hundred thousand pounds
If we are meant to be together
Why's this the end of my tether?

Wedding dress, wreath of spikes
This can't be my new life
I don't want him to kiss me
He touched me so I'm grieving
But no words leave my mouth
I'll pack my suitcase right now
All our ties have been severed
This can't be my forever

Wedding dress, thrown away
Wreath of spikes, burnt to the ground
It's been more than ten years
And my skin is brand new
So you never touched it
You never defiled it
I won't walk your road again
I will pave my own way