You Make Me Feel

Every syllable you speak dances
Off your tongue like a wild flame
I sit, mesmerized, watching
The lights flicker in your eyes
Some sort of trance
You bring me here often
To this euphoric place
Still when I visit
I grow wings
And I fly high into the sky
And it feels like I imagine heaven would
The others here have wings too
I think they are angels
Because they tell me I look beautiful
And they all look like you
I thank them specifically
For planting all of these flowers inside of me
The loveliest sorts of flowers
When I come here,
They help pick the weeds from my lungs
So that I can breathe again
This place
It’s filled with silver lining
With four leaf clovers
With “I love you’s”
The birds here sing in my ears
And they tell me
“Oh how lucky you are to be his”
And I tell them
“Lucky, I am, indeed.”