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425th Weekly Poetry Contest winner: Heart Tree

by jreinhart

At the center of the world is a tree.
It grows up, reaching beyond the world
we see and right into the cosmos.

Its roots go as far down and as wide as its crown,
securing it sturdily in darkness.
All the oceans, all the seas, all the rivers, streams, brooks,

feed this tree. Sunlight is absorbed from every leaf.
Its branches house every bird, every squirrel,
every monkey, any creature in need of a home.

Its trunk conceals nests, insect tunnels, rabbit warrens,
mouse holes, and every other manner of abode.
Sap runs up and down the trunk, reaching out

to the lengths of the branches, feeding little
tomorrow fruits blossoming in the wind.

Published in Taproot, February 2021

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