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Use of literature in writing essays and poetry

Literature is used in a different way to write essays and poetry. We cannot write an essay as a poem and vice versa. However, everything we write is to impress the readers. Literature is a great factor that helps the readers to experience the emotion of the author. We have read many writings of legendary writers, and they have made it something brilliant. Today, everything has got changed and the use of language as well. The traditional English language and the Modern language are different but, we can still enjoy reading the great works written by legends. I'm sure that I can get the exact history of literature and its use in traditional English Language if I request the custom essay writers, for example https://essayschief.com. But, I would like to know what you guys think of it. I value the opinions of the readers like you. How differently the writers use literature in poetry and to write essays? Can you guys able to opine on my question? I will appreciate it. Thank you!