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122nd Weekly Poetry Contest honorable mention: artist

by Beaumonics

all you need is a madness

a brokenness

a twisted piece


maybe it’s tucked under your ribs

or smeared on the curve of your brain

or in place of your fingernails

or filling your kidneys

or chewing your food


all you need is the beast of you

your hopeless horror

gnawing, hungry


something to throw yourself



in front of


something to quit sleep for

something you can’t name


write about it

on napkins

gum wrappers

the back of your hand

give color to its weighted shape

line it on city brick in the dark


this beast

this you


sculpt its teeth, give it bite

give it a tune, b minor

burn it out one drag at a time

learn its taste mixed with whiskey


this beast

this you


do everything

be anything

except complete


nothing worthwhile ever came

from wholeness


art is born of horror

and we are beasts

122nd Weekly Poetry Contest